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8th & railroad center

If you are unfamiliar with our downtown area or have yet to visit our building, these pictures will help to familiarize you with the building, hopefully saving you from unnecessary stress on the day of your appointment.  Remember, Collective Curl is located on the 2nd floor of the building, Suite 230, just off from the elevator.  

The entrance to 8th & RailRoad Center

This is the view from the main parking lot looking East.  Please park in this lot since there is ample (and free) parking, it's these entrance doors you'll want to take.

You'll see Sticks N Steel retail store and next to it will be the large, green entrance sign above the glass doors you'll be entering.  


Through those doors, you'll find yourself in the lobby.  Walk in and you'll notice on your left,  a sign listing all of the businesses and which floor/suite to find them.


Look for Collective Beauty (Collective Curl is located within Collective Beauty Salon Studios).  

Take a left at that sign and you'll see the elevator.  Take the elevator to the Second Floor, once the doors open, you'll see our suite straight ahead.  

NOTE: This building is LARGE and accommodates 3 floors of businesses, any of which would be glad to help you should you lose your way, but if you use this entrance you'll find it, promise!  

The view from our parking lot toward the northeast side of the boardwalk.  Sanaa's is on the opposite end but the same side of the building where the entrance doors are located. 


For example, in this picture, you would want to take a right and walk down the southeast side of building.

The stores near the entrance to 8th & RailRoad Center
View of 8th & RailRoad Center from 8th St.

This is the view from 8th Street. 


Do Not park on 8th street or use those entrance doors since there is no elevator (just a never-ending amount of stairs) and you'll end up on the opposite end of the hallway from the salon.  (These hallways are crazy long!)

If you do take this route it's not the end of the world, however, it's much more of a walk and they lock these doors after 5pm. 


Please use the main parking lot entrance doors ( south end) which remain unlocked until 8pm.

Lobby of 8th & RailRoad Center

Upon entering you'll see the main lobby.  Walk up and to the left you'll see the stairwell and elevator.

Lobby of 8th & RailRoad Center

You have arrived!  Collective Curl is located within 'Collective Beauty' Salon Studios. 


Through this door you will see our front desk.  Please take a left into our waiting room,  have a seat and I'll be out to greet you asap.

Collective Curl Studio's Front Door
8th & RailRoad Center Directory in Main Lobby
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