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{First, I want to clarify that the pictures below are not my work.  These pictures are to serve as visual aids of the colors, cuts, and styles I'm interested in creating a version of.}


I'm currently looking for clients interested in trying any of these colors, cuts & styles to add to my personal portfolio. those who are interested in trying one of these, simply click the photo and submit your email inquiry.  


What to include in your email:

Your name

Phone #

Hours that work best for you (Monday-Friday)

Which pic you are interested in (they are numbered) 

1.   Gorgeous copper blonde curly hair

1. Gorgeous copper blonde curly hair

bright copper with added highlights to create the perfect dimension in the curls.

2.   Brunette w/ lavender

2. Brunette w/ lavender

brunette with lavender accents

3.   Brunette with rose gold

3. Brunette with rose gold

brunette with rose gold/blush accents

4.   Deep purple transition

4. Deep purple transition

deep purple transitions to smokey lavender then into platinum blonde on ends.

5.   Rainbow pops

5. Rainbow pops

rainbow pieces pop from under brown hair

6.   Disconnected curly cut

6. Disconnected curly cut

disconnected curly cut with red and copper color

7.   Shades of blue

7. Shades of blue

different shades of blue playing off of each other

8.   Multicolor

8. Multicolor

gorgeous fringe and shag cut with multiple colors accenting each other

9.   Heavy fringe curly cut short

9. Heavy fringe curly cut short

badass front heavy curly cut

10.   Color pops

10. Color pops

purple color pops through underneath medium brown hair

11.   Curly color

11. Curly color

curly hair with red/copper highlights painted pintera style

12.   Color dip

12. Color dip

brunette color dipped with purple, blue and teal.

13.   Curly hair with blush highlights

13. Curly hair with blush highlights

"lived in" style with curly cut and blush (Pintura style) highlights

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