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I'm Mickie, the owner/stylist of Collective Curl Studio.  In August of 2018 I opened Collective Curl Studio at 8th & Railroad Center, in Downtown Sioux Falls, SD.  I'm trained in cutting all hair textures, and I am a Certified Level III DevaCurl StylistI am also passionate about sustainability and environmental protection, especially in the beauty industry. If you are interested in the steps Collective Curl takes click here!  Want to know a bit more of my story?  Read on, my friends!

A bit more...


I've been a hairstylist ever since I can remember (barbie doll haircuts anyone?)                    So, it's been my career, and the center of my life for the past 19 years.  


Since the early days of my career I've been drawn to curls and their exotic, free-spirited nature.  In fact, up until 10 years ago, I shared the same frustrations that every curly-client knows all too well.   There was a serious lack of options, yikes!  When it came to styling products, cuts, colors, accessories etc... there was an endless stream of options for straighter hair types.  So, I was left asking myself, where are those gorgeous options for curly hair and how does one go about finding a stylist that knows both how to cut curls and what products to use?

This lead me to my first 3- day training course with DevaCurl, where I learned about all of the different curl types, their individual characteristics, and specific techniques to utilize while cutting and styling those gorgeous spirals.

Since then, curly clients began filling my chair on a regular basis and I can't thank them enough for the major role they played in further assisting my knowledge and experience with curls.

In the years to follow, I would go on to achieve my Level II and Level III certification from the L.A. and NYC Academies, where I continue my training to this day.


As a stylist, helping curly clients reach their full curl potential fuels my passion for the industry.  With the experience and knowledge I've gained- both through training courses and working behind the chair- and my never ending adoration of curls in general, I'm driven to help all curly clients achieve the curls of their dreams and to be able to recreate those styles in between their visits to me.

If you find yourself frustrated like so many other curly clients out there, why not ask a curly hair specialist?


I'd be delighted to assist you on your curl journey to achieve the curls of your dreams! 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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