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Hard Water Woes?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Two women using EcoHeads faucet attachment at shampoo bowl
Use EcoHeads attachment

Do you have hard water woes? You're not alone.

Water is vital to the success of the beauty industry but, as National Water Quality Month will highlight this August, not every salon has equal access to good water, and not just because of the drought. For many, what comes out of the faucet is extremely poor quality and it can be more damaging than beneficial.

“Huge swathes of the country are battling severe mineralization and that has a direct impact on the success of services they offer,” says Valorie Tate from Sustain Beauty Co, which monitors risks to salon sustainability. “A build-up of metals is no good for your equipment or, more importantly, your client’s hair. Build-up can dull hair and cause it to droop.”


Despite the water industry celebrating Drinking Water Week in the USA for more than 40 years, lack of infrastructure investment, drought, and geography have compounded the challenge of getting adequate water into homes and businesses. New research from Sustain Beauty Co shows that the worst affected areas are in the center of the country. It also suggests that only a small section actually has access to really good water.

“It’s clearly not a level playing field. Our map proves that where you are based directly impacts the service you deliver,” adds Valorie. “We began researching water quality to help us develop the tools to ensure the sustainability of salon businesses alongside the planet, but we were shocked to find such variation across the country. Using ECOHEADS showerheads can help some dodge the geographical minefield they face, by filtering the worst of the minerals. But for the really bad areas, we developed the ECOHEADS Black Edition that has additional filtration.”

Salons that have fitted ECOHEADS on their basins have also benefited by saving water – as much as 65% – with the knock-on effect of lower energy costs saved from heating less water. ECOHEADS also pumps up the pressure through its unique system, speeding up rinse times and improving client satisfaction.

Map of hard water concentrations in the U.S.
Hard water in the U.S.


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