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Your Hair & Skincare Routines Are Missing This. What Soji Health CBD Company Can Do For You

Updated: Feb 15, 2023


Faster. Predictable. More Effective.

Soji Health is a women-owned CBD company determined to pave the way for you to experience the many life changing benefits of Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD, in all areas of your day to day.

The cannabis industry is booming once again with advances in technology that now allow- those not wanting the "high" associated with cannabis use- the ability to also reap the countless benefits that cannabis has to offer.

If you, like many of us were at one time, are new to the CBD scene, a simple Google search can lead you down a rabbit-hole of overwhelming proportions. There are literally thousands of companies of all sizes popping up everywhere to get a slice of the, well...

...brownie. With this gigantic surge in the Cannabis industry, you've got to question the credibility of a vast amount of CBD companies.

This makes it too large a task for most to find a trusted company to purchase from. Understandably so, with the plethora of information on the vast internet highway, it seems that anything shorter than a botany degree and you're shooting in the dark...

...Until now. The best-and quickest-run down on the "need to know of CBD" is right here. Then come back here so we can discover Soji Health and improve your life!


Yay! You're back! Let's dive in...

"Soji Health's unique nano-liposomal delivery system provides up to 6X higher and immediate bioavailability than their competitors. The result being phenomenal products that truly work."

We made sure to craft all of our products with Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD that contains cannabinoids, as well as many beautiful botanicals, essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, fiber, flavonoids, and terpenes.

Unlike many competitors, we triple test each batch of Soji Health products with in-house and independent third party labs to ensure accurate and consistent milligram count. We also provide full copies of our Certificates of Analysis on our website.

Soji Health's Collection of prestige CBD products consist of a full skin care regimen, several flavors of gummies, sublingual oils and we even have something for our favorite furry family members.

We are committed to educating everyone and building our Soji Community so everyone can Soothe, Nourish and Nurture themselves. Your Way!

Quality We only source our hemp from farms that are committed to organic farming practices. This means no pesticides, fungicides, herbicides will be found in our products.

Third Party Testing Our CBD gets tested 3 times before our finished product goes to market. We use the top lab in California that handles 40% of cannabis testing in the state. They’ve even given us a 1st place award for how accurate our CBD mg count is.

Efficacy We never use isolate as it is widely known to not be as effective as other forms

of CBD.

Value We make sure that there is a high concentration of CBD in our products with accessible pricing.

Bioavailability Is the proportion of a nutrient that enters the bloodstream after being introduced to the body. If the nutrient you want to give your body does not enter your bloodstream than the nutrient will not have an effect. Most brands have a very low bioavailability, the industry standard is around 15%. Our nano-liposomal technology increases the bioavailability by 5-6x boosting our absorption rate to over 90%.

Soji Health is raising the industry standards by using pharmaceutical grade technology. By wrapping each CBD molecule in a fatty lipid that is smaller than a wavelength of light, the oral medicine slips directly into the bloodstream, leading to immediate effects, better absorption and a predictable experience.

Soji Health's liposomal delivery brings the power of intravenous therapy into convenient oral delivery. Their new nanoparticle formulations target a myriad of medical conditions which allows for discreet, healthier, smoke-free consumption.


Click this link to use my discount and take Soji Hemp CBD for a test drive! (Psst... try the Eye Cream... its a game changer!)


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