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How To Care For Your Wooden Combs

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

A wooden comb will be with you for a lifetime if taken care of correctly. Following these simple guidelines will ensure you and your combs will be together for years to come!

  1. No chemicals! (i.e. soap)

  2. Use only natural oils to cleanse such as: Olive oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil.

  3. Dip a clean cloth in the oil of your choice and massage over the comb, make sure to distribute the oil in between the teeth of the comb, too.

  4. Once the oil is distributed over the entire comb, wipe the excess oil off with a clean cloth and set your comb aside until you use it again.

Remember that wood is porous so it will suck up water or soap leading to the comb breaking down long before its time. Stick with natural oils and apply to the comb once a week. OH! I almost forgot. Once you receive your wood comb, please recycle (don't throw in trash) all plastic ones:)

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