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Lets Stop Abusing Our Hair (& Our Environment) With Plastic

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Aside from the need to lessen our reliance on plastic products, our hair (and scalp) is begging us to stop with all of the plastic.

Plastic combs are unfortunately a common household item, however, there is a superior material you should consider when detangling your hair.

A wooden comb is a fantastic choice for excellent reasons. Firstly, they're carbon based, just like our hair, skin and scalp. Both hair and wood have a negative electrical charge, helping the hair to lay down, which gives our hair a smooth and glossy look.

Secondly, you can forget about tangles giving you issues anymore! Wooden combs are much more efficient at getting through our tangles-pain and damage free. They don't snag or pull the hair.

Aside from our hair, wooden combs are spectacular tools to aid in maintaining a healthy scalp...or getting our scalps back to healthy.

Oily scalp? Unlike plastic, wooden combs are porous. Therefore, wooden combs are proven to distribute the oils from the scalp to the ends of the hair where it is needed thus aiding in achieveing a healthy scalp and sealing down/moisturizing split ends. This keeps the scalp from getting an abundance of oil built up and keeps our ends in the best shape until we can get to the salon for a trim.

Fine/Fragile Hair? Since they don't snag the hair, Bamboo combs are a perfect choice. Bamboo combs are super lightweight, detangle with ease, stimulate sebum production- for those who suffer from dry scalp- reducing breakage to create a smoother, more enjoyable combing experience. This company on Etsy is the one I purchase from and can speak to the quality. She takes great care in making & designing her products.

Dandruff issues? Neem Wood combs banish this issue with proven medicinal properties that prevent fungal growth and reduce dandruff. All of this while giving your scalp a massage, leading to increased blood flow, thus creating the essential environment for healthier, stronger hair.

Static Hair got you down? Boxwood combs are naturally oily. This characteristic not only aids a dry scalp and hair but also makes the comb extra durable and resistant to splitting. Rosewood is also an excellent choice for durability and is an aromatic wood, those that use one of these say the pleasant scent of a boxwood comb is therapeutic.

Men who sport beards: Facial hair requires special treatment as well. It's slightly different than the hair on the head. It's coarse, meaning the individual hair strands are thicker. It also has very low porosity, meaning that its ability to receive and retain moisture (i.e. water, conditioners, oils) is poor. Wooden brushes, combs and picks are absolutely crucial for low porosity hair since they distribute the sebum (our body's natural oil to the ends of the hair where its needed.

Curly Hair: I cannot get enough of these babies! These combs are the tools I'm reaching for on a daily basis in my salon. I own several and they all perform beautifully. Every curly client should have these at home.

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