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How to Prep For Your Curly Cut

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Two models getting curly cut done to their hair
Curly Cut

Few things are more terrifying for a curly girl than walking into a salon for a curly haircut appointment, and not knowing what your ‘do will look like when all is said and done. But ladies, there’s no need to grip the salon chair in terror while you let a stylist who may or may not have much experience with curls hack away at your hair. The more relaxing thing to do? Get a DevaCut!

Your first DevaCut can be life-changing. No, seriously. It’s not uncommon for newbies to shed tears of joy (or grin uncontrollably) after getting one of these unique curly cuts. The process is not like anything else out there. This unique dry-cutting technique allows the stylist to create a customised shape for every client based on her one-of-a-kind curls.

Before & After images for curly haircut
Before & After Curly Cut

There are three kinds of stylists trained to give DevaCuts: Deva Inspired (Level 1), Deva Advanced (Level 2) and Deva Certified (Level 3). The higher the level, the more training that stylist has received from DevaCurl. It’s also likely that a DevaCut with a Certified stylist will cost more than an appointment with an Inspired stylist.

I will also teach you how to cleanse, hydrate, and style your hair based on the look you’re going for and your lifestyle, so that two days after your appointment you aren’t standing in your bathroom feeling frustrated and confused. But before all of that magic happens, it’s important to know what to do before heading to the salon. Here’s how to prep for your curly cut:

Prep for your curly cut rule #1:

Leave your hair alone

I will cut your curly hair while it’s dry, and in its natural state. Arrive at the salon with your curls conditioned, detangled, dried, and un-styled (no twist-outs, braids, curling or flat irons or any other manipulation). Let your hair hang loosely—accessories like ponytail holders can disrupt your curl pattern. If you’re currently using products with sulfates, silicones or heavy oils, do your best to avoid them for one to two weeks before your booking. Ditching those ingredients will make your hair softer, more hydrated and more defined, which will allow me to see your true curl type. I highly suggest purchasing Maxi.Wash and Hydrate.Me from my online store to use in the 2 weeks before your appointment.

The length of your appointment will depend on whether you’re a newbie, or if you’ve had a DevaCut before. For a new client, plan on being at the salon for two hours. This includes the initial consultation, the actual cut, the Transformation Service, a styling coaching session and drying time. If you’re a returning client, it’ll take 60 to 75 minutes for your DevaCut, Transformation Service and the drying process.

Prep for curly cut #2:

Keep your expectations in check

Bringing in a few pics to show your stylist is a great idea, but when you’re scouting online, choose images of curly hair that match your own texture and lifestyle. A beloved look on a similar curl type is much more likely to be achievable for you.

Prep for curly cut #3:

Be prepared to open up

Shari Harbinger, Co-Founder of the DevaCurl Academy, says it’s so important to talk candidly to your curl stylist about your journey. “Share as much as you can. Don’t wait for the pro to ask all the questions,” she says. The more I, as your curly stylist, know about your hair history—the highlights, the challenges and your approach to daily maintenance—the better I will be able to create a cut and a daily styling routine you’ll love.

Prep for curly cut #4:

Make a list of questions

You may have mental notes about everything you want to go over with me, but once you plop down in the chair, it’s easy to forget your talking points. To prevent brain fog, jot down your most pressing concerns and aspirations. What do you want to know about product application? What’s your biggest gripe about your hair? Are you struggling with moisture or a particular part of your regimen? Conversation is the key to connecting with your stylist, and learning how to love your curls. With a little bit of prep, you’ll get exactly what you want out of your appointment.

Please feel free to download and print "Collective Curl's Curly Hair Style Guide" to have handy that day.

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