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Healthy Scalps Create Healthy Hair

Updated: Oct 10

hair client receiving a shampoo treament from hair stylist
Suds it up!

That's right. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair, which in turn, helps create a healthier YOU!

I cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of incorporating a routine for treating your scalp. I get it, it's easy to forget about. Really, the only time we think about our scalp is when it gets irritated and begins to itch, burn, flake-or worse yet- break out into open sores. Yikes!

In most cases, scalp discomfort is a result of stress, food allergies, or ingredients in our hair products. Prescription medications or medical treatments can also be a culprit (albeit, rarely, but it does factor in). However, in today's article I'm choosing to focus on the most common ones: stress and hair product ingredients.

It's nearly impossible to understand EVERY product ingredient and what it does. Sure, some ingredients on the label may pop out to you as "good" or "bad" but that isn't a sure-fire way to know if it will agree with your body's own unique chemistry. The pH balance of our skin is a delicate playing field and once it's thrown off- be it by a hair product, the water we're using to wash it, or simply the environment in which we live- it can become quite the dilemma (to put it mildly).

This is why incorporating a scalp treatment regimen is so important. It ensures that the pH balance of our scalp stays within homeostasis to the rest of our body.

Think of it this way, we invest so much in our skincare products because a healthy complexion helps boost our confidence which is essential in bringing out the best in our appearance.

Another attribute to a stellar appearance is our hair. We get conditioning treatments (high- five if you do this, btw!) when our hair is lacking moisture, strength, or elasticity, but- not to state the obvious here- our hair grows from our scalp! (shocker, right!?).

But if our scalp isn't healthy, it sure isn't going to supply the necessary nutrients required in growing strong, healthy hair.

Since the scalp is where your hair starts its journey, why not start it off in the best environment possible? What can we utilize to help with this? Read on, my friends.

Allow me to introduce Kevin Murphy's SCALP.SPA TREATMENT and SCALP.SPA SERUM.

Packed with skin loving ingredients that when used in combination with SCALP.SPA SCRUB and WASH will nurture your scalp back to health therefore ensuring that your hair and future hair growth has the best possible conditions for growth and fortitude.

What truly gained my trust in Kevin Murphy's SCALP.SPA LINE was my first experience with the SCALP.SPA SERUM and a dear client of mine that comes in regularily for color services.

This client suffers from stress-induced dry patches on parts of her scalp. As you can imagine, this makes coloring her hair slightly uncomfortable for her for the first 15-20 minutes of it being on her scalp, (this is because the poroxide in the color developer is at its strongest, working to open that hair cuticle to drive the color into the hair). So I always have an extra tailcomb ready for her to itch her scalp with when I start to apply her color.

When she arrived this particular day for her routine color appointment, I happened to had just received the newly released SCALP.SPA LINE, so I decided to apply the serum directly to the places on her scalp that appeared aggitated, then I applied the color as usual. She did NOT reach for the tailcomb ONCE! We were both astonished at the immediate effectiveness of this serum and she went directly to my online store to purchase it.

She now applies it whenever she senses a break out beginning, and it's been such a relief for both her and I.

If you are suffering from scalp discomfort I highly suggest using this system. The serum offers quick relief in emergency situations, and when the scrub, wash, and treatment are used once a week, they work together beautifully to repair your scalp so you can get back to enjoying your hair care routine.

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